Party in the back

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sweater 1/ sweater 2/ sweater 3/  pinstripe pants/ booties

This cobalt blue color is everywhere this season. I realized I didn’t own anything in this color, so I took to my amazon fashion browser and ended up finding endless options. I was in the market for an open back sweater, so this one immediately caught my eye.  Not to mention, this sweater is only $16…and it doesn’t feel or look cheap at all! I added very similar sweater links since the blue one in small sold out and more options is always better. Originally, I saw this sweater as only an open back look. When I was taking this photo I switched it around so the open part was on my front, and it was just as cute. A consistent theme in my posts is versatile clothing, and having a sweater with two looks in one is a fashion dream come true. Now, for the pants. If I’m being honest, I’ve worn these pinstripe pants everyday to work this week. They are just too comfortable and go with everything. The elastic waist is probably what I love most about these pants. Nothing is worse than stiff pants and being uncomfortable while sitting at work all day. If you’ve ever had that day at work where you count down the minutes until you can unbutton your pants, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Bring on the elastic baby. I sometimes sit cross-legged at work, and this is necessary for that bold move. And adding a little pinstripe touch is game over for me. Comfy and chic, and only $20. I paired the look with my black booties. They are under $30. Time to party.

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