Don’t kill my vibe


kimono/ full coverage bodysuitsheer bodysuit /bedroom bodysuit / white bodysuit/ jeans/ kitten heels

Oh. My. Goodness. This kimono is gorgeous. The vibe that you get when you wear this is something else. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got while walking around SF trying to find the perfect spot for this shot. It’s not everyday you find a floor length, gorgeously printed, silk kimono.  It’s $28 and comes in ten beautiful colors. I chose the blush because I needed some pink in my life. Feeling very Shanghai that’s for sure. I paired the look with a black, lace body suit that is $10. I’m a huge fan of lingerie inspired body suits, but you have to be careful because after all it is lingerie. Layers are key to rock this look and that’s why the kimono is a perfect match. The skinny jeans aren’t just any skinny jeans. They have a fringe bottom, which I love. I’ve tried to cut the bottom of some of my jeans to achieve this look and it did turn out as good as these. I love the light blue color of this pair and the fact that they are $50. The brand is Hale and I definitely recommend their jeans as they feel very designer to me, but are more than half the price. As you might already know, I’m all about kitten heels. They look classy and you don’t almost twist your ankle in them. I wear these all the time because they are perfect for work and a night out. They are $30 and lasted me a year, so no complaints. Get yourself some vibes ladies.

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