Flashy vibes


jumpsuit/ short sleeve mock neckmock neckribbed turtleneck/ black turtleneck/platform sneakers/ sneakers 2

This jumpsuit is just flashy enough and I had a lot of fun wearing it while taking these photos, if you couldn’t tell by this pose. The way the fabric moves is too beautiful to just stand there with my hands on my hips. Not that I ever do that, but you get my point. The brand is Verdusa and the quality is really nice for being only $30. It comes in green and red, but I chose this mustard/gold color because it’s such a hot trend this season. I don’t have anything even close to this shade and it was time to get my mustard on. I actually bought this jumpsuit at the end of summer and I was a little bummed because I thought I would have to put it away until next Spring. Then I realized you can just add a shirt under it or a sweater over it to make it work for fall and winter. I really like versatile clothing and this look proves that all you need is a layer to change up the look completely. The mock neck is $15 and I bought it specifically for layering as it’s fabric is pretty sheer. I added some links to some turtlenecks above as well that are better quality and can be worn on top. The platform sneakers are my crush this year and I love this black pair for only $35. They are lace up as well and have a sparkly stripe that you can’t see in the photo. Instead of hemming the jumpsuit I just wear it with my platforms. It works for for me since I’m all about pairing the dressy statement items with something casual. Get your flashy on while being comfortable. I am writing this blog at 2 in the morning and get your flashy on just sounds right, for now.

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