Less is more

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ruffle sleeve blouse/ button sleeve blousetrousers/ cheetah slip-ons $50/ cheetah slip-ons $29

This ruffle sleeve blouse is my new favorite. It’s $18 and the brand is Floerns, a brand that’s well acquainted with my wardrobe. The reviews on AF for this top are NOT fair, as one person gave the shirt 1 star because it fit small. I am wearing a small in this photo and I do not agree that it runs too small. I gave it 5 stars! Anyways… I love the mesh shoulder of this top because it adds some edge to an elegant look. I am excited about clothing that I can wear both to work and out, as less is more in my book. The less time you have to spend changing your outfit from day to night the better. And the less you have to worry about changing in the first place, the better. If you really want to glam up the top all you have to do is throw on a leather skirt and boots or tuck it in to your favorite skinny jeans. Speaking of jeans, I am on a new trouser kick as is the rest of the fashion world. Love my jeans,  but I think I love my trousers more. This pair is $25 and the brand is Zeagoo. I am super comfortable in these pants and would stick to your normal size, as I am wearing a small. The material of the pants is really thin, FYI, so if  you are looking for some heavy duty winter pants, these are not them. This pair is just so easy to throw on for work and perfect to wear year-round in San Francisco. If you live in NYC, these pants are more for spring, summer, and fall. And lastly the cheetah slip-ons are from Sam Edelman on sale for $51 in all sizes. I wear these a lot, and if you like to be comfortable, why not throw some cheetah sass with your sneakers? If your shoes bring the sass, the less  you have to worry about your outfit. I also added a link to a pair thats only $30 as well so you can see some options. May AF be good to you ladies.

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