Halle Berry

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pink bomber jacket/ bomber jacket knee highs/ black mini dress/ suede mini dress

These suede-ish feeling boots are $45 and one of my favorite AF purchases, and that’s saying A LOT. Just know that when you wear these, you will feel different. Different how? Well, you’re in knee highs and you feel invincible. Then, people look at you extra special, and you feel pretty cool. Then, you walk around some and you have this slow motion cat woman vibe that only you can understand and see. Ah, yes, you are Halle Berry and you have 9 lives baby. Side note: these boots do not ride down at all either, which is very important. Anyways…the bomber is also too good. It’s 30 and I love this pink color. I can’t help but be reminded of the pink ladies. And whatever Frenchie was feeling, I am more than likely feeling at all times. Go Frenchie. Oh, and the dress is just a simple black dress. It’s just what you need with this look. I put up two links to dresses as the one I am wearing just sold out, but they are the same look and great price. Now, get your Halle Berry on ladies.

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