Sweater weather

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blue sweater dress / beige sweater dress/ oversized sweater dress/ oversized sweater/ sock boots/ waist belt 

This sweater dress is a very classy look and helps you feel a little less blah during the cold weather months. I love this blue shade it’s everywhere this year. I was also tempted to buy it in the burnt orange as well as the dress is only $30. This dress is pretty long as I wanted it to be, so if you want a shorter turtleneck dress then check out the other links above. Every girl needs a cozy sweater dress so I want you to have options. I paired the look with black sock boots that are $30 and you will live in this winter. I am so happy about this style trend! The fitted fabric of the boots are designed to hug your ankles, which creates a slimming effect. I am all about the slimming effect, especially since I’m only 5’3 and could use any added length where I can get it. I hope you ladies are almost with your families and cheers to slimming boots and sweater dresses!

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