Pink suede baby

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suede trench coat/ classic trench coat/ lace-up booties/ white booties / plaid tights/ colored plaid tights

This trench coat is a must for fall and winter. It’s so elegant and the faux suede is so soft. I wore it all day for Thanksgiving and snuck away for a photo because I was too excited while wearing it. Oh, and it’s $40! I’m wearing a small and it fits perfect on the arms and length. I paired it with black lace-up chunk heel booties that are $38. I’ve also worn these  around the house all day and the chunk heel makes them very comfortable. I was missing some lace-up booties this season and for this price, I couldn’t resist! Last touch is the plaid tights. I love my plaid and I’m very happy about the plaid tights trend that I saw  Cailin Russo rocking during fashion week this year. She was definitely my inspo behind these tights. Happy Black Friday shopping ladies! May Amazon Fashion treat you well as it always does for me.

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