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cheetah coat/ bodysuit/ palazzo pants/ pink booties/ western pink booties/ velvet pink booties

My Gammy has been wearing a vintage cheetah coat ever since I can remember. When I was home for Christmas in December, she was wearing it all the time! We are very close and I get my style from her. She would tell me about Coco Chanel growing up and I today I associate my style with Chanel. The trousers, blazers, little to no jewelry. All of that is my everything. The bodysuit is half mesh and the sleeves are a light cotton material. It has an insert so you don’t have to wear a bra, thank GOODNESS. Its’ 20 and i love this brand for bodysuits. The pants are a knit material and elastic waistband. Gimme all the elastic! I can’t even wear jeans anymore, I swear. I am all about comfy. The booties are from Cape Robin, a great shoe brand, but they are sold out in the pink color in most sizes. I linked some other pink booties as well above!



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