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Pinstripes and patterns

pinstripe button blouse $25/ plaid and floral pant $16/ white heels $30/

I love, love, love this pinstripe button blouse! The cut and design of this top is fabulous and my favorite part is the puff shoulders. It’s perfect for work and a classic look for any woman. We all need professional tops that cover us up, but finding the ones that make us feel fashionable at the same is rare. The same goes for these pants. The print is beautiful and unique. The last touch are these white heels with a plastic trim. Plastic shoes are everywhere lately, but I don’t like the entire shoe to be plastic as it reminds me of stripper shoes. This pair is a happy medium between kitten heels and stripper shoes. I don’t mean to hate on the plastic shoes, but I do think these look more professional than the other pairs I’ve seen.

Side note: People always ask me, “why don’t you smile in your photos?” Well, I think it looks beyond cheesy to have a wide grin on your face in the middle of the street for no reason.  My face in all of my photos is my natural resting face, so why would I make it unnatural by smiling creepily to myself for no reason?



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