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Statement sleeves and flares

puff sleeve blouse $27/ flare pant $25/ pink sunnies $11/ cowgirl boots $35/

The more statement sleeves, ruffles, and flares the better. If you had showed me this look a couple of years ago I would have been disgusted. Now, I love all of the ruffles and flares and big sleeves I can find! NYFW was covered in these looks and I am very on board with it. This blouse is gorgeous and makes you feel girly and sophisticated. The price point is pretty great too. I have purchased a couple tops from this brand, Aomei, and have been very impressed with their designs. I am wearing a size small. The flare pants have an elastic waist and are comfortable as can be. I am also wearing a size small and my petite self is loving that I do not have to get them altered. The booties are a hit among my followers and you can see why. The gold toe makes the much more stylish than the regular boot and the small heel makes them very walkable. I actually wore these one day at Coachella, so I would definitely recommend these for walking around. They are true to size.


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