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embroidered sweater $30/ black palazzo pants $30/ white combat boots $50/ white and black studded boot $35/

This bell sleeve, embroidered mock neck reminds my mother of Woodstock. It’s a gorgeous sweater and you’ll notice that almost every woman asks you where you got it. And yes, women of ages 40 and above LOVE this sweater and love telling. you about it. Maybe it’s because I wore it to my mom’s luncheon back in Virginia and they all made over me, but that’s just how they do thangs down south I suppose. Unique and affordable? Yes mam! I got a small in the sweater. I’m wearing it with my FAVORITE knit pants EVER. These black palazzo pants feel like pajamas, yet they look stylish and professional. I wore these to work multiple times a week because I could sit with my legs crossed in them, something I did frequently. Am I the only one who likes to sit that way at work sometimes? Anyways, they rock and I got a size small in these as well. The combat boots are no longer available on AF, BUT I added links to even cooler boots above. Happy shopping my beautiful and professional ladies.

ALSO, can we talk about my eyes in this photo? It looks like I’m in the middle of an exorcism. I was SO sick during this photoshoot and I can remember just pounding on the eye liner to appear less puffy. I definitely do not miss taking photos of myself in the middle of the street in freezing SF while having bronchitis.


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