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Comfortable must-haves

I recently decided to invest in comfortable AND stylish work-from-home clothes. I’m tired of looking like a bum when I am simply not a bum.  Also, this is known as causal leisure wear lol. I still had my old college tees and others that were handed down to me from my older siblings that I tried to make cute and it was just not working anymore. I’m 26 and I needed to invest in being the cutest, comfiest, hanging at home by myself woman that I always wanted to be. Thats a joke, but you get my point! Most importantly, I wanted to do it without spending a lot of money. I feel pretty good about my finds and I hope you like because these are my absolute favorites! Note: I am wearing a size small in everything, except the polar bear fur is one size. I have lots more to share, but this is a start!



Side note: I think it’s refreshing to see people without makeup and with their natural hair. I did a DIY photoshoot in my room right after I showered, so the photos are far from glamourous.  It gets old seeing some girls all done up and perfect all of the time. SO, this is me in my natural state 🙂

Others that I have my eye on:

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