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There’s always 3 questions I get when people ask me about my Amazon Fashion clothes.

What is Amazon Fashion?

Why do you shop on Amazon?

What do you search on Amazon to get your clothes?

After years of explaining Amazon Fashion to my friends and family, I realized that a lot of people don’t know that it exists or really understand what it is. I eventually started picking out clothes for my friends and sending them links to items that they saw me wearing and liked, and I really enjoyed it. So, why do I love it? Maybe it’s because the world of Amazon Fashion is so unknown that it makes it exciting to search for clothes because I never know what I will find. Or maybe it’s because I can buy everything in the entire world I would possibly need on Amazon so why not throw in a couple shirts, pants, and sunglasses? I can type “black leather polka dot pencil skirt” into Amazon and I know I will end up with something. If I pull up one of my favorite clothing brands online, like Revolve,  I am extremely limited on what I can search for.  Also, not to mention the clothes I find on AF save me so much money that it makes shopping at Forever 21 seem pricey. I don’t want multiple shopping carts, I want one. My one is Amazon Fashion.

Because I am shopping for clothes on Amazon all the time, it hit me that I might actually be onto something. I’d like to think that I’m the true Amazon of shoppers of the untouched, treacherous waters of Amazon Fashion, or as I like to say “AF.” If anyone can find something you want on Amazon Fashion, it’s me.

So who is me? I’m a CPA living in San Francisco two years out of grad school. I’ve always loved fashion, but I went to school in the south (go Clemson Tigers!) and grew up in Virginia. Before moving, my fashion sense was pretty limited. Limited as in pretty boring. Once I moved out to SF, I quickly realized how expensive it was to live here, and I had to start shopping smart. My job also took up so much time, especially during my busy season, that I didn’t step foot in a store for months at a time. I had always shopped on AF, but a couple Christmases ago, I got Prime as a gift. Game changer. I could have clothing delivered to my door in two days or less and it was within my budget. This is what really started the addiction.  I’ve always been a niche type of gal because that works best for me. I dominate niches. This is my niche and it’s going to be really freaking good.

My blog and IG account are going to spread the word about AF and help shoppers overcome two things in the fashion industry: it’s too expensive and it’s not accessible. Every girl wants to look like she just walked off the NYFW runway, but every girl can’t buy Chanel and Gucci. I am extremely confident that I can find any runway look on Amazon Fashion for under $50. Honestly, I think AF will be huge one day and just like everything else, they’ll take over. For people who are interested in what AF is all about, my blog will tell them about the clothes I’ve purchased and want to purchase, including my favorite brands and links to my recommendations. Every outfit shown on my blog is picked by me and only from AF. My intention is not to turn you into an AF shopping addict like myself, but to make you at least ask yourself “why the hell am I not shopping on AF?”

I want to point out one last thing. Unlike a lot of fashion bloggers, I am not going to be the only model on my blog and instagram. I think what’s marketable about AF is that it has clothes for all body types. Other fashion brands are limited by their sizes and styles.   AF has no limit, unless you make it to page 500 during your search. I also find that a lot fashion bloggers limit themselves by only talking about themselves, and it gets very old very fast. My Instagram will not be just about me, but my followers as well and I want to feature them consistently on my stories. If I can make someone feel 10x more confident in themselves by giving them a stylish and affordable outfit, then I’ve succeeded in my goal. Fashion is often disempowering because of the price and because of the “it girl” stereotype that seems to have all of the access to it. I want to change that stereotype and empower women instead by giving them something they don’t feel guilty about spending money on and that they will wear with confidence.