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Why you should ditch these ingredients in your ain’t easy but it might clear up your skin!

“UGHHHH!” is all I can say when I take a look at the makeup I’ve been using the last 6 months and then back at my raging cheek and chin acne and very inflamed eczema on my neck in the mirror. After doing a lot of research on what ingredients are the absolute worst to put on your skin, I threw away all of my high end makeup away… seriously! sigh. And I thought that by spending more money, I was somehow avoiding all of the garbage ingredients? NOPE. Not at all! In fact my makeup ranks pretty high up on the toxicity charts. You know what’s funny? I did this toxic ingredient cleanse 2 years ago, thanks to Lisa Eddy, and it worked. She is a true healer. And then somehow I got a bit lazy again and stopped reading ingredients, and started buying based on what I saw in makeup videos. The more I got into Instagram photos, the more I wanted to know h to cover and shade and contour, and I completely forgot why I didn’t wear a lot of makeup in the first place. So, I am doing my cleanse again because I have noticed a big change in my skin the last 6 months. Don’t you worry, I linked and listed out great options for makeup and sunscreen below!

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients lists in my makeup and if you also want to do a scan of your makeup bags’ ingredients, look out for these! Oh, and a lot of the times the ingredients will not be fully listed on the bottle, and you have to do a google search. Most brands hide their bad ingredients, just showing how much we really CAN’T trust them.

Check out ingredients and brands on this website.

Numbers represent toxin’s levels based on (max is Level10)
1. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation- contains Level 4-8 harmful toxins.
        • Aluminum(2)- Organ system toxicity, skin irritation, also concerned with its association to Alzheimer’s.
        • Dimethicones(4)- a.k.a silicones Organ system toxicity, accumulating in your body.
        • PEGs- Organ toxicity, Ecotoxicology
        • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate(6)- Endocrine or hormone disruption, organ toxicity.
        • Fragrance(8)- often made from several harmful chemicals, could cause skin irritation.
        • Parabens(4-8)- can cause cancer, absolutely NO!
        • Hexyl Cinnamal(5)- can cause allergic reactions.
        • Phenoxyethanol(4)- irritation to skin and eyes,  in a long-term exposure can cause organ damage (kidneys, nervous system, and liver).
1. Dior Star Foundation- contains 4-8 harmful toxins 

 2. Dior doesn’t use Parabens, but there are still few harmful ingredients can be found here: The next time you think about buying something because Bella Hadid is the face of it, think again. I am talking to myself here haha.

  • BHT(4)-can cause endocrine disruption, tumor promotion and organ toxicity
  • Butylphenyl Methylpropional(7)- can cause irritation and allergic reaction

3. NARS- All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation- contains level 4-9 harmful toxins

  • Retinyl Palmitate is level 9? 😱 It often used in sunscreens but when retinyl palmitate was exposed to UV rays, it created changes in the skin that could lead to damage, aging, and cancer.

SO- which makeup and sunscreen can us extra sensitive, acne prone gals use? I made a list of the ones that we can use that won’t cause any breakouts. If you need a makeup purge like I do, here are some trustworthy brands that won’t add to your skin problems.

FOUNDATION/CONCEALER that will cover you up and won’t cause any long term problems or breakouts!

  1. Ilia Foundation- most popular brand right now in terms of CLEAN makeup and looks flawless on
  2. SK1N TREATMENT FOUNDATION- discount type in 10oncolette at checkout for 10% off. I am wearing the Ivory shade currently, but I need to go darker for summer 😉
  3. Photo Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation– so silky and smooth

Contour/Bronze Palette:

  1. La Bella Donna Clean Color Positano Palette -I use this for eyes cheeks and eyebrows !

Non-Toxic Blush:

  1. Goop Blush- so many options!
  2. ILIA cheek pigment (people rave about this brand and I just bought my first products)


  1. Bite Beauty Lip- apparently we eat tons of lipstick and gloss in our lifetime, and those bad ingredients enter our body and they don’t DO nothing, you know? I don’t want 20 years of eating garbage lipstick on my resume, no thank you.
  2. Ilia pigment for cheek and lips (I love this!)

And now on to sunscreens: AVOID ALL CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS ALWAYS. AND ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN 🙂 If you’re walking outside your house to the garbage can, or if you’re inside by the window reading, you’re getting sun exposure. You have to wear sunscreen every single day of the year. If you have generally sensitive skin or a condition like rosacea, chemical sunscreen ingredients may be directly caustic to your skin. CAUSTIC MEANS THAT it will literally damage your healthy tissue on your face. This is what happens to me with chemical sunscreens, my face starts to burn then turn red and puffy for weeks. Chemical sunscreen ruins my skin! So that leaves us to MINERAL! YAY! mineral/physical sunscreen is the best for sensitive skin. My favorite sunscreen brands include:

  1. Suntegrity Face Sunscreen –I am obsessed because you won’t even get a freckle with this on!
  2. Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen– my mom loves this for her neck and chest and face
  3. Elta MD Physical Sunscreen- slightly tinted  This is better to wear on days you aren’t going to be full glam (which is me 99% of the time)
  4. Babo Sheer Physical Suncreen from Goop


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