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Pearl Bras and Power Suits

It’s officially been two years since I started this blog. FUN FACT: I worked as a CPA at a public accounting firm in SF before I started this blog. I wore Amazon clothes to work everyday, and it was much harder to find quality items back then. The fact that I was even able to start a blog two years ago about clothes on Amazon is shocking, because no one was interested in my Amazon clothes back then! I’m glad it’s more acceptable today, and I don’t have to defend myself as much to people anymore. “Why do you wear Amazon clothes?” TRUTH: because I’m broke, but I like fashion! It was much harder for people to believe that anyone who liked fashion would shop on Amazon in 2017. Fast forward to right now, and there are so many more options from sellers and reviews with real life photos and sizing guidelines. And that is a very, very good thing! This teal power suit for example, would have been perfect for my accounting days. I watch runway shows every week, from the 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s (all available on youtube by the way), and the varying designs of the women’s power suit is so interesting to me. Today, we don’t need to be in a professional setting or at work to rock a suit. As women continue to take over the world, our fashion will continue to change as we change how we feel about our success, power, our role in society/at home and at work. Wearing a bedazzled bralette on the outside of a suit makes you think twice…And maybe even realize that there are no rules to fashion after all. The modern day woman is in control. This is me saying: make your own rules!

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teal power suit-$60- XS/ pearl bra- $48- one size/ white booties – $62- true to size

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